Walgreens has Got 2 B For Real

I went to Walgreens last weekend to buy these Four got2b products because I had a $3.00 off any Full size coupon that was going to expire that night. Well I never thought that I would have to work so hard to use four coupons, but I guess that's the never ending story when it comes to Walgreens. The got2b products are currently on sale, $5.99 and BOGO, great right or so I thought until it came time to checkout. The cashier scanned the items and the first three coupons without any problems, but lo and behold coupon number four beeped,  to which the cashier noted that I could not use the coupon. I in turn told her I most definitely could use the coupon if she would just manually enter the coupon as $2.99 instead of the $3.00. Baffled and flustered ( I guess she had a long day) she called over the manager who in turn told me that they do not adjust coupons.

REALLY!! (wished I had my policy at that moment I was on my 30 minute break) I told the manager (who was very nice) that it can be done because I bought something at Walgreens before and the cashier adjusted the price. She told me the only way that I was going to use the coupon was to buy something else. My response: Why? Why do I have to buy something else when I only want to buy four items. She relented and tried several different ways to adjust the coupons but she couldn't. I told her that it's a shame that customers have to go through the constant hassle of trying to use something that the manufacture provided because store that does not seem to be coupon friendly. Her response "I know, but if the computer doesn't take it when scanned than it won't work.  I told her that I was on a time crunch and here's what I'm going to do I am going to buy the little bag of pretzels that were on the counter so that I would be able to use the coupon. She was so happy to end the ordeal she rang everything up without any problems, but right before she gave me the total I told her to void the pretzels. "Excuse me " she replied. I repeated myself please void the pretzels, I only added them so that there wasn't a problem with coupons and I want to take it off and only buy the four items I intended on buying and pay the tax. She voided the pretzels and I paid my tax and I was on my way back to work, a little late, but hey I had to stand my ground on this issue.

I subsequently called corporate and I received a phone call from the main  store manager two days later.

Walgreens Coupon policy

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