Winn Dixie Clearance

Namaste Foods: Waffle & Pancake Mix, clearance $1.69, reg. $6.79 (gluten free)

Glutino Wafers, clearance $4.49, reg. 1.12  (gluten free)
$1 off Any 1 (one) Glutino product
Glutino Breakfast Bar, clearance $5.79, reg. 2.89   (gluten free)
$1 off Any 1 (one) Glutino product

Glutino Pretzels, clearance $3.49    (gluten free)
$1 off Any 1 (one) Glutino product

Schar Multigrain Ciabatta Bread, clearance $5.79, reg. 2.89   (gluten free)
$2.50 of Any (one) Schar Parbaked (Heat & Serve Bread)

Schar Pizza Crust, clearance $2.14  (gluten free)

Bakery on Main Granola, clearance $1.69, reg. $6.79  (gluten free)
Join Mailing Club and receive $1.50 ANY  product

Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta clearance $.87     (gluten free)

Sam Mills Pasta d'oro clearance $.89, reg. $2.59   (gluten free)

Sam Mills Pasta clearance $1.29     (gluten free)
(Rigatoni/ Penne Rigatoni/ Spaghetti)

Larabar (apple) clearance $.89, reg. $1.79
Savings Star: save $.75 on any three (3)

Krusteaz Country White Bread Mix clearance $1.49, reg. $2.99

Krusteaz Cracked Wheat Bread Mix clearance $1.49, reg. $2.99

Trident Vitality 3 pack, clearance $1.39, reg. $2.79

Trident Rejuve 3 pack, clearance $1.39, reg. $2.79

Trident White 3 pack, clearance $1.39, reg. $2.79
(Spearmint and Peppermint)

Trident 3 pack, clearance $1.39, reg. $2.79
(Strawberry Twist)

Eclipse 3 pack, clearance $1.39, reg. $2.79
(Winter Frost and Spearmint)

Dentyne Ice 3 pack, clearance $1.39, reg. $2.79

Gerber Graduates (preschoolers), clearance $1.14
$1.10 on Any Five (5)

Sprout Organic Baby Food, clearance 4 for $2.50

Ziplock Zip & Steam, clearance $1.75

Six (6) Bijoux Super Jumbo Braid Hair for $.99

Bijoux Super Jumbo Braid 
regular price: $2.99
sale price:  six (6) for $.99  or $.17 each
(must present store coupon)

I found this deal at Beauty Exchange: Beauty Supplies in Miramar. They also price match when you bring in the competitors flyer.  

LeKair Cholesterol 3 for $.99

LeKair Cholesterol
regular price: $2.29
sales price: three (3) for $.99

Never overlook the flyers that are in the junk mail because many of them have sales that sometimes beat the BIG stores and yes that means Walmart. A local beauty supply store just opened up in Miramar and they have sales galore. The three containers of LeKAir Cholesterol $.99 is AWESOME. Sally's sells one for $2.29, big savings.

Free Enfagrow at Winn Dixie

regular price: $6.29
sales price: $4.29
printable coupon: Save $5.00 on Any ONE (1)

I just went to Winn Dixie and saw the Enfagrow for $4.29 and  when you use the $5/1 manufacturer coupon you can get them for FREE!!!!!!!!! plus $.71 overage.

Free Hershey's Milk Chocolate at Hess

Because today is national choclate day Hess has issued an mobile app coupon for a FREE Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar  (valid on regular size only).
Expires tonight @ 11:30PM

So if you havebn't downloaded the Hess Express Mobile App , click here, do so now and get your free chocolate bar before the night is over. YUMMY!!!

I got mine hope you got yours!

Free Sunkist

Had to get a jump on the Sunkist deal at Publix, I have been holding on to the coupons for awhile.

(12) Sunkist 2L, $1.89 (BOGO) = $11.34
        used six (6) FREE 2L bottle of Sunkist when you purchase any ONE (1) 2 L
       (tearpad found in store) exp July 28, 2012
        TOTAL= $0 = FREE

Regular Price: $1.89 each
Sale Price: $1.89 for TWO (BOGO)

This is  what I would have paid, regular price w/o coupons = $22.68 ouch!!!
Total with sales price, but w/o coupons: $11.34
Total  with sales price w/ coupons: $.0 = FREE!!!

Gave them all away except for two.

I just found another coupon in my case guess i'm getting two more, FREE!!! :-)

Free Zephryhills Water

I went to Winn Dixie late Tuesday night with every intention of buying two more bags of granola, but someone beat me to it and bought the remaining 10 bags, oh well. But I didn't leave the store empty handed. While I was checking prices I noticed that the Zephryhills Sparkling Water was on sale 2 for $1.00. Unfortunately the $1.00 off two (2) manufacterer coupon I had expired on Sunday, but fortunately there were coupons on the bottle. The coupon on the bottle was $1.00 off when you buy two (2), which makes the water FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought 24 bottles. I was in heaven. No shelf clearing happened, due to the fact that it was an in store advertised price, I think! I wish I had found out earlier, but that how it goes sometimes.

Regular Price: $.99 each
Sale Price: $.50 each

This what I would have paid regular price w/o coupons = $23.76 ouch!!!
Total with sales price, but w/o coupons: $12.00
Total  with sales price w/ coupons: $.0 = FREE!!!

Cheap Granola

After I found the Glutino Wafers JACKPOT I noticed that the Bakery On Main Granola was also on clearance and for only $1.69, YAHOO!!!! I went to their website,click here, and noticed that if you signed up for their mailing club a $1.50 coupon was given as a thank you. I printed out two and a friend signed up and printed out another two and for $.19 each I got four bags of Granola.

Regular Price: $6.79 each
Clearance Price: $1.69 each

This what I would have paid regular price w/o coupons = $27.16 ouch!!!
Total with sales price, but w/o coupons: $6.76
Total  with sales price w/ coupons: $.76

Gluten Free Almost Free

I don't normal shop at Winn Dixie, but for some reason I was drawn to the store this week and what a week it has been. I perused the aisles of the store checking for deals when lo and behold JACKPOT, Glutino wafers were on clearance for $1.12, that's right $1.12, the regular price is $4.49. With the $1.00 off 1 (One)  Glutino product coupon that I got on I only paid $.12 each.

Regular Price: $4.49
Clearance Price: $1.12

This what I would have paid regular price w/o coupons = $26.94 ouch!!!
Total with sales price, but w/o coupons: $6.72
Total  with sales price w/ coupons: $.72

Don't forget to check the clearance section there are awesome finds to be found.