Hanes Hipsters 6 Pack for $1.00 at Walmart

Hanes Hipsters 6 Pack
regular price:

clearance price: $1.00
(I only found size 10 for this price)

I guess Hurricane Isaac blew me into Walmart I was looking for a cheap pair of socks to make a sock bun (click here on how to  make a sock bun) and I figured I could find one in Walmart. While I was checking in the clearance section I stumbled upon these Hanes Hipsters for $1.00. I had to look twice because I couldn't believe the price. Needless to say I scanned them and they were indeed $1.00.

(2) Hanes Hipster 6 Pack $1.00 = $3.00
This is what I would have paid, regular price = $17.54 ouch!!!
Clearance Total: $2.00
Total  coupons: No Coupons used! Too good of a price to pass up!
Total: $2.00 each

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