SWEET POTATOES $.07 per Pound

Tropical Supermarket in Miami Gardens (I think there is one in North Miami) has a HUGE sale this week. For four days only they will have sweet potatoes $.07 a pound (limit 10 lbs per person). That's right $.07. I went this morning and lets just say this could be equated to the upcoming black Friday sales. (See the line below)

(Sorry about the picture, but I have a crappy cellphone)

Here's a picture of the ridiculous line I had to wait in just to get 5 lbs. The lady with the black head covering was out of control when a store employee informed her that she was only limited to 10 lbs. This woman had almost an entire cart filled with potatoes (greedy much?) The customer got so irate and belligerent I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing, but it was really happening. I mean REALLY!!!! pushing and cursing  all over sweet potatoes. I just had to laugh because it was too funny to believe that folks were getting hysterical over potatoes; it wasn't as if we are rationing for a Hurricane or some natural disaster.

But at any rate the I got my 4.39 lbs and I only paid $0.31. Great deal!! 
No I did not buy this one, too big!

There is hope for those who don't live near a tropical supermarket Ad match at Walmart. (Walmart Ad Match Policy)  The Walmart policy states that you don't need the ad to get the price. Also if you live near a Target Super Store you can price match there although they would need the ad. (Target Price Match Policy)

To view the Tropical Ad click HERE. As you can see green bananas are also $.07 lb. Awesome!

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