$1.00 off Softcup Coupon

Regular SoftCup and the New Reusable SoftCup

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month  Softcup is offering $1 off a 14-count box coupon through November 30, 2012. The coupon expires on 12/31/12. 

If you use softcups like I do you know that this coupon is as rare as it gets. The 14-count box go for around $8.99, so this is a welcome relief. They now have the reusable softcups , which will really save me a lot of money, these cost around $6.99 for two. Hopefully this means there will be a sale or two in the future.

If you have never heard of Softcups lets just say it something to look into. I was never keen on using tampons, but Softcups are so convenient that tampons are a thing of the past to me. With softcups I don't have a fear of getting toxic shock syndrome, I don't have the need to "change" them all day and I don't have the fear of  "smell" because everything is in a cup. Now it can get messy, but overall I rather use these than tampons or pads. Just my personal unsolicited opinion!

For more information on softcups or to sign up for their newsletter check out their website http://www.softcup.com/content/what-softcup

If you want to try before buying a box they do have a sample pack available for $2.50 on their site.

Some of the retailers that sell softcups are Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Amazon.com to name a few. Or you can buy it directly from their webstore http://store.softcup.com/softcup-c2.aspx.


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    1. You welcome. I have been waiting all year for coupons and was surprised when I received the email with the coupon. Too Awesome!