Check the Clearance Section $.37 Cheese Cloth

Publix $3.99          Winn Dixie $.37 
(2) Publix $7.98         (9) Winn Dixie $3.33
I am preparing to make coconut oil and coconut milk today and needed cheese cloth. I bought two at Publix for $3.99 each and then I stopped at Winn Dixie and lo and behold the SAME cheese cloth is in on clearance for $.37 each. YUP $.37 each. I couldn't believe. Guess i'll beheading back to Publix to get a refund. Just a heads up if you are in need and do find them at the $.37 price  watch the register because they rang up at 50% off, but the tag says other wise. The manager wasn't keen on giving me the price on the package, but I informed her that I did not put the price on the package and the price on the package is what I am going to pay. 


(9) FaberWare Cheese Cloth, reg. $2.99, clearance price $.37 = $3.33

This is what I would have paid, regular price = $26.91 ouch!!!
Clearance Total : $3.33 or $.37 each

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